Microfinance Program

At Alterna Savings, we recognize the value of microfinance in Ontario.

For over a decade, we’ve been known for supporting small and developing businesses through community based micro-lending.  We know that securing credit and accessing banking services are major roadblocks for new and marginalized Ontarians looking to start a business – and we’re here to help.

We recognize the importance of increased awareness of the positive impact microfinance has on the lives of micro-loan recipients both in Canada and abroad.  We do our part to help raise the profile of microfinance through Alterna’s MicroFinance Program, as well as through the loan funds we help to administer in partnership with local community organizations in the Toronto and Ottawa regions.

“Microfinance is about financial inclusion for the underserved,” says Susan Henry, Alterna’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility. “We have seen first hand the positive impact this program can have on families and the community at large.”