Our Loan Fund

Different needs, different approach.

Are you a budding entrepreneur or small business looking for financial services and products with a difference? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are denied credit elsewhere may be able gain access to small business loans through Alterna Savings’ Community Micro-Finance Program.

Large financial institutions often have difficulty fitting small, or ‘micro’ businesses, into their lending criteria. As a credit union, we’ve taken the time to understand the needs of these micro businesses. When you apply for a loan through the Community Micro-Finance Program, you’ll find that we place a greater emphasis on your character, commitment and ability than traditional financial institutions tend to.

Why does Alterna Savings take a different approach?

It’s because we know that a micro-loan can help someone who has entrepreneurial aspirations become economically and socially empowered, even if he or she has fewer ‘traditional’ qualifications.

Despite all the factors that deter traditional financial institutions from implementing programs like this one, Alterna Savings perseveres as a leader in Canadian micro-finance. We continue to be involved and guide the way for others - because we believe that individual lives and communities can be changed for the better through programs like this one.

At Alterna Savings, we see value in the social outcomes, not just the financial ones. It’s another example of how we really are different.