Our Performance

Social Performance Reporting

At Alterna Savings, we’re committed to transparency in our business practices and our social ones.  After all, we’re members too.

Corporate accountability and transparency have come into the world spotlight over the past few years. Many organizations are now going beyond traditional financial reporting to measure their social and environmental impacts and performance.

At Alterna, we realized the value in social and financial transparency for our members long before it became fashionable on the world stage.  In fact, we performed our first social audit almost 20 years ago!

Accountability Report

Our Accountability Report focuses on Alterna’s contributions and responsibilities in social, economic and environmental spheres, many of which are particular to our role as a community financial institution.

Community Report

Our annual Community Report highlights the community programs, activities and events we support.

Financial Report

Our annual Financial Report outlines our financial results – as a member, we know this information is important to you.