Alterna is awarded a $10,000 grant from Concentra Financial

We are very pleased to announce Alterna Savings has been awarded $10,000 by Concentra Financial through their 2013 “emPOWERING Your Communities” campaign.

In March, Concentra asked credit unions to submit proposals for a local project being led or championed by their credit union. Projects were evaluated on the basis how the initiative embodies co-operative values and demonstrates credit union leadership. The Alterna Community Involvement Team submitted our new Power of Learning program with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. Through this project, Alterna proudly supports Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, by sponsoring the Youth Ability to Bring Change (ABC’s) Program and providing BGCC youth with Academic Scholarships.

Alterna Savings recognizes a brighter future for Canada depends on higher education opportunities for all children and youth. Canadians understand that when we invest in post-secondary education and skills training today, we build jobs and prosperity for tomorrow. Half of the $10,000 will be used to award two additional youth scholarships. This will allow each participating Alterna branch to provide one $3,000 scholarship to a local youth from their partner BGCC Club.  The Concentra grant funds will be added to the $58,199 raised by Alterna staff and members during the BGCC Fundraising Campaign to provide post secondary scholarships. Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and Alterna Savings will be announcing the names of the twenty deserving young scholars - Alterna Class of 2013 in the next few weeks. The balance of the Concentra grant funds will be used to support and broaden the BGCC Youth ABC’s program Alterna sponsors.

We would to extend a special thanks to Concentra Financial for their support in with Alterna’s Power of Learning project.