Alterna speaks in The House of Commons

In late May 2012, a Special Committee on Cooperatives was approved by the House of Commons. The special committee has been appointed to consider the status of cooperatives in Canada and to make recommendations by:

  • Identifying the strategic role of cooperatives in our economy 
  • Outlining a series of economic, fiscal and monetary policies for strengthening Canadian cooperatives as well as for protecting the jobs they create 
  • Exploring the issue of capitalization of cooperative, its causes, effects and potential solutions 
  • Exploring whether the Canada Cooperatives Act of 1998 requires updating
  • Identifying what tools the government can use to provide greater support and a greater role to Canadian cooperatives

The Special Committee is now in the process of conducting a study on the opportunity and challenges facing the cooperative sector in Canada. Over the last month, several cooperatives have participated in the study, including Credit Union Central of Canada and the Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA).

Alterna’s President and CEO, John Lahey, was invited to speak on behalf of Alterna at the House of Commons Special Committee on Cooperatives on July 25, 2012 in Ottawa at Parliament Hill. A copy of Mr. Lahey’s presentation is now available for you to read.

We look forward to seeing the results of the Special Committee in the coming months.