Introducing ESPRESSO RATES from Alterna Savings

Espresso Rates are short-term investments with really strong returns.

With terms of 88-days up to 31 months, you get more out of your savings on a short-term commitment.


Term Deposit
1.75% Minimum $500
Maximum $500,000
17-Month Term Deposit 1.95% Minimum $500
31-Month Term Deposit 2.15% Minimum $500

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Special promotional rate subject to change without notice. Rate shown for annual interest.  Non-Registered, RSP, TFSA and RIF eligible.  Promotional period Sept 5, 2017 to February 28, 2018.

For 88-day and 111-day terms: Available for new deposits or registered contributions which can include existing funds on deposit.

New deposits are any source of funds that’s not currently held at Alterna. Deposit must be made on or after September 5, 2017 (the Promotional Start Date) to qualify. Funds cannot be withdrawn and re-deposited nor can they be transferred from an existing deposit account to another. Only new deposits that raise a member’s overall deposit balance with Alterna from what it was on the Promotional Start Date will be considered for promotional rates.

Simple interest calculated on the principal amount for the number of days in the term deposit and paid at maturity (principal x rate x number of days / 365 days). Available to personal accounts only. $500 minimum $500,000 maximum purchase amount.

For 17- and 31-month terms: Annual compound interest paid monthly or annually. Product minimum $500.  Existing funds and new money eligible.

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