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What's a mobile app?

A mobile application (mobile app) is software that can be downloaded from an online app store and installed on a smartphone running a compatible operating system, such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android. Apple’s tagline, “There’s an app for that,” best characterizes the diverse functions and activities mobile apps offer, ranging from games and social networking to business, e-commerce and financial applications. Alterna’s mobile apps are a ‘stripped-down’ version of our online banking that provide on-the-go access to the most sought-after features.

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How does the mobile web differ from a mobile app?

Our ‘mobile-friendly’ version of online banking is less resource-intensive than our regular site, and is easier to read and use on a mobile screen. The iPhone App has a more sleek appearance and extra features built in, like at-a-glance account balances and accessing secure messages. Both the mobile web and iPhone app will let you perform banking functions, but the iPhone app provides a better user experience, tailored specifically for the iPhone.

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I can already access Alterna’s online banking through my phone by using the url What’s new about mobile banking?

The new Mobile Web offers a clean, simple, mobile version of our site built specifically for a mobile device screen. Through our mobile web, you’ll be able to pay bills quickly and easily, check account balances, or move your money.

For advanced features like adding/deleting payees, paying business taxes, renaming accounts, ordering cheques, or changing your contact information or password, you’ll need to sign into the full online banking site.

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Can I text Alterna?

No – this feature is not currently available.

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How much does it cost to use Mobile Banking with Alterna?

Mobile banking with Alterna is free, whether you use the mobile web or iPhone app. We do not charge for account balance inquiries, bill payments, transfers to, from or between Alterna accounts unless you’ve exceeded what’s included in your banking package. See our Personal Service Fee Listing for details of fees on our other services. However, standard data and messaging rates may apply - check with your mobile device carrier (Fido, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Virgin, etc.) for service fees related to your plan.

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Do I need Online Banking access with Alterna first?

Yes. Simply call us or visit your nearest branch to set up your access.

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Is my personal information safe with Alterna’s mobile banking?

Your security is top priority, which is why our mobile banking uses the same level of secure protection as our full Online Banking. You log in with the same credentials, and once you log out, your secure session will end.

Are you secure?

Read these tips to protect yourself while banking on-the-go.

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How do I cancel my mobile banking access?

You can cancel mobile banking on your iPhone simply by deleting the application from your phone. Mobile web access is always available through the internet ( on your smartphone or mobile device. Changing your online banking password will prevent anyone from accessing your account(s) should your device be lost or stolen.

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What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Immediately change your online banking password. If you can’t access online banking, visit one of our branches or call our Contact Centre as soon as possible.

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Does my mobile banking work when I am out of town, province, or country?

As long as you have a data plan and a signal*, mobile banking is available wherever you are, whenever you need it.

* Before traveling, check with your mobile device carrier regarding data plans, rates, and roaming fees.

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Can I change my online banking password through mobile banking or the iPhone banking app?

For security reasons, your online banking password can only be changed through our secure online banking, in the Profile and Preferences section. If you can’t remember your password, call us to have it reset and obtain a temporary password. Then, login to online banking using the temporary password, go to Profile and Preferences, then Change Password to change your password to something you'll easily remember.

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Can’t login?

First, make sure you’re on the correct website, since Alterna Bank clients can’t login on the Alterna Savings site, or vice-versa. You can either click on the link below, or paste into your address bar.

Alterna Savings
Alterna Bank

NOTE: If your account number or user ID starts with a zero, please enter your ID without the zero and try your login again.

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I’m a Hydro Quebec customer. How will I now pay my bill?

To pay your Hydro Quebec account, simply visit After you’ve made your language selection, choose the appropriate page for residential or business customers, then select the Online Payment option in the Online Services section. Follow the prompts from there to set up your page and add Online Payment. When adding your Alterna bank information to Hydro Quebec’s online payment service, enter your portfolio number in the account number section.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding the setup of your online payment with Hydro Quebec, please contact them directly.

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The biller I want to pay isn't available through online banking. Can I get them added?

If you find there’s a biller that’s inaccessible for payment through our services, please contact the biller directly for alternate payment arrangements, since some companies have their own online payment service (e.g. Hydro Quebec). If you find a biller isn’t in our payee list, please let us know - we’re able to forward your request onto our online banking provider, Central 1. Be sure to include the company name, and address, and if available, contact person and email.

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Will my future-dated or recurring bill payments be transferred to the new system?

Bill payments you’ve set up for future dates, including recurring bill payments, have been transferred over. As part of the upgrade, future dated/recurring payments will now be posted to your account on the date(s) you have selected, even if that day falls on a weekend or holiday.

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When will you be offering Interac® eTransfer?

We’ll be launching Interac® eTransfer later in 2012 as part of the next phase in our online banking improvements. More details, including applicable fees, will be available as we draw closer to the release of this service.

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Can I call the Contact Centre to pay my bills?

Yes, our Contact Centre staff would be pleased to help you with your requests. You can also pay your bills at the counter in all our branches.

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Can I pay bills at ABMs?

Unfortunately, our ABMs allow you to access your account information or make deposits and withdrawals only.

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I was paying bills online, and made a mistake – how can I correct it?

If you made an error while paying your bills online, we can help! Our Contact Centre staff would be pleased to reverse the transaction for you, provided your request is made on a weekday by 6 p.m. Eastern the same day you submitted the payment* (Note: we cannot reverse online bill payments made on a Saturday or Sunday).

For instance, if you paid a bill on February 1, 2012 for the wrong amount or to the wrong company, as long as you call us to request the payment reversal by 6 p.m. on February 1, 2012, we could ensure the payment doesn’t go through.

*A $15.00 service fee applies. Amount reversed will be your payment amount, less the $15.00 fee.

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I deleted a company from my payee list. Does that mean any future payments to that company are automatically deleted as well?

No – when you delete a bill payee, any recurring or future-dated payments you have set up for that payee must also be deleted. Otherwise, the payment will try to process as scheduled, and the receiving company will be notified that your payment failed.

To avoid unnecessary failed payment notifications, please ensure you delete any future payments you may have scheduled for a bill payee you want to delete.

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I made two equal payments to my bill, but one was rejected. Why?

Any duplicate transactions will get cancelled. For example, if you submit two payments on the same day to your Alterna MasterCard, and both are for $100.00, one of the payments will be rejected and the funds returned to your account the next business day. For payments that need to be made in two or more instalments, ensure the dollar amounts are different.

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