ATM Machines

Access your money where and when you need it with your Alterna Access debit card. Cash withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries for your Alterna Savings accounts are at your fingertips from any of our Alterna ATMs (Automated Teller Machines).

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Quick, surcharge-free cash nationwide

Coast-to-coast, Alterna cardholders have access to thousands of ATMS surcharge-free with The EXCHANGE® Network* to withdraw cash, make deposits or change your PIN. Look for The EXCHANGE® Network logo. Credit Card Acceptance on EXCHANGE ATMs

Or, if one of these options isn’t nearby, your Alterna access card can be used at any Interac® ATM or Point-of-Sale terminal for quick cash.

Traveling? Get cash wherever the road (or plane) takes you

Access your money quickly and conveniently when traveling with our other network partners, whether it’s a quick weekend jaunt south of the border or globe-trotting for a longer excursion.

In the United States, take advantage of surcharge-free access to the ACCEL Networks of ATMs and point-of-sale terminals for purchases and cash back. With more than 3,000,000 merchants at your service, you’re never too far from your money.

Anywhere else in the world, the CIRRUS® (International) Network will give you access to your funds through more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide.

What’s a surcharge?

A surcharge – sometimes also known as a “convenience fee” - is a fee that the owner of the ATM charges a user to access their money. In Canada, ATMs that surcharge present a disclosure screen that appears before completing your transaction. At Alterna, we’re surcharge-free, and the surcharge is not an Alterna Savings fee - we don’t collect any portion of surcharges or convenience fees.

Please note that an Alterna account fee and/or ATM network withdrawal fee may apply, depending on your banking account package . Visit our Service Fees for more information about our banking packages and service fees, or contact us to speak with an Alterna representative.

And remember, no matter where you use your Alterna Access debit card, ALWAYS protect your PIN!

*Available to personal and individual business members (sole proprietors) only