Adopting a child? We can help.

We know that adopting a child can be an emotionally exhausting process, not to mention an expensive one. While there is no cost too high for the joyful little person you will soon welcome into your home, there can be numerous ones associated with the adoption process.
Your friends at Alterna Savings have put together a tailored package to help focus your efforts on parenthood, while offsetting as much of the financial burden as we can.

The Adoption Package for Parents

The adoption financial package is designed specifically for parents looking to adopt a child.

Cover Your Expenses

Adopting a child can add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars. Don’t sweat it ; we’ve got you covered with personal loan products that will cover the majority of your adoption costs and expenses.

  • Borrow anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000*
  • Enjoy a preferred rate (Prime rate + 0.65%**)

Home Sweet Home

Create a welcoming home for your growing family and enjoy unbeatable mortgage rates.

  • 10 bps discount on Alterna’s best rate (excludes deep discounts specials such as 2.68% Amazing Rate product)
  • Available on 4 & 5 Year Fixed Rate Closed Mortgages and 5 Year Closed VIRM

Investing In Your Family

The adoption process can be lengthy, and can sometimes taking up to 10 years, To help you save during this time, we're offering the following bonuses on our Term Deposits

  • Bonus on 2-5 year Canadian Term Deposits
  • Bonus on 1-5 Year US Dollar Term Deposits


  • The money you set aside in this program will be augmented by government contributions made through the Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG)

Youth Start Banking Accounts

  • Teach your child the importance of managing their money with a FREE Youth Start banking package.
  • For anyone under 18 years of age
  • Your choice of monthly, quarterly, or annual statements
  • Online and automated telephone banking transfers
  • 30 free day-to-day transactions per month including
    • Cheques
    • Pre-authorized payments
    • Debit card transactions (point of sale)
    • In-branch withdrawals and transfers
    • Alterna ABM withdrawals and transfers
    • The EXCHANGE® Network ABM withdrawals and transfers
    • Online and automated telephone banking bill payments

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* Subject to meeting Alterna's credit granting criteria. Offer may be changed, extended or withdrawn at any time without notice.
** Rate subject to change without notice. Prime refers to the Alterna Prime Rate. Your interest rate will change whenever the Alterna Prime Rate changes. Subject to credit