Iliya Markovinovic


Iliya Serves the Bay St and Lakeshore communities. For over 20 years, Iliya has been helping Alterna members build their wealth through expert advice and comprehensive financial plans. Iliya, a seasoned Investment Advisor, uses his 30 years of industry experience and knowledge to develop personalized investment, financial and retirement plans that are tailored to individuals’ needs and goals. Iliya believes in making the financial planning process an uncomplicated experience to achieve the best possible investment strategies for his members.

Iliya’s financial advice: “Work with an advisor, start early, prioritize your goals and stick to the plan!”

Fun Facts

- The number one thing on Iliya’s bucket list is to stay healthy and see his grandchildren grow up.

- Iliya’s dream vacation is to go golfing and sightseeing in Hawaii.

- There are so many things that Iliya loves about working at Alterna, but primarily it’s what the credit union stands for. He likes the fact that serving our members is more important than profits and that we’re a socially responsible organization. And to top it off, he’s been fortunate enough to have clients who have put their trust in him for over 20 years and he says this loyalty is reflective of the whole organization.

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