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We are The Good in Banking TM

We believe in making profits serve a purpose


    • Improving communities,
    • Cooperative and affordable housing
    • A hand-up in challenging times


    • Championing financial well-being
    • Financial Literacy and Microfinancing
    • Support for new Canadians


    • Investing in education
    • Youth empowerment
    • Knowledge as a catalyst for change


    • Making life better
    • Business incubators
    • Changemakers


    • Supporting each other
    • Health and Wellness
    • Giving where it counts


    • Promoting active lifestyles
    • Passion for sport
    • Bringing families together


    • Advocating for unity and inclusion

Flourishing partnerships include:

    • Candlelighters
    • Enactus
    • CHFT
    • The Toronto Rock
    • Among other charitable organizations

In 20 years, Alterna Savings' award-winning Microfinance Program has financed over 6 Million dollars, to over 1000 individuals, creating a more inclusive economy.

Katherine Roos, A-Way Express - Member for 21 years

“A-way historically Ran a food-courier business to serve people in Toronto struggling with mental health and addiction challenges, looking for employment or aspiring to employment and wanting to tap into preemployment services.”

Charmain Bertram, Integrity Designs - Member for 8 months

“I think the hardest thing for small business is you put out there's such cash flow issues. You put out so much money. Especially if you're a maker of things. To grow my business. I had to grow. I need more space.”

Allison McKinley, Salon My Place - Member for 6 years

“With a small business of course, sometimes things are tight and I have to figure out, um, what we can do and what we can't do. The microfinance loan allowed me to bring in a line that is not only ecologically friendly, but kind to humans. This is in line with my core values as a mom, but also a business owner.”

Katherine Roos, A-Way Express - Member for 21 years

“We sometimes face different challenges than the big businesses in the country. So working with a partner that understands the day to day realities of running a not-for-profit organization, having a partner that understands those circumstances is really important. We realize that we could make a bigger impact if we started employing some vehicles. So A-Way now owns two vehicles, and it was through alternative. So here we are with these organizations that we've known for decades and making more jobs as a result.”

Charmain Bertram, Integrity Designs - Member for 8 months

“The motto, The Good in Banking, that Alterna holds, that rings very true because, I mean, they really do help real people grow their dreams.”

Alterna Savings Creates opportunities

Alterna Savings transforms lives

Alterna Savings champions economic justice

Alterna Savings, The Good in Banking TM

Your financial well-being comes first

Welcome to a better way to bank. Our knowledgeable team puts your financial well-being first with good, caring and transparent advice while offering all the products and services you need.
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