Get the best of all worlds with our most flexible mortgage.

Divide your mortgage into as many as six terms for greater flexibility and more repayment options.

Are interest rates likely to rise or fall? Is it better to choose a long- or short term-mortgage? Will I save more with a fixed or variable rate? Unless you’ve got a crystal ball, it’s impossible to tell what the future holds.

With our Flexi-mortgage®, you don’t have to. You can divide your mortgage into as many as six different open or closed, fixed- or variable-rate terms.

You can get both the payment certainty of a fixed-rate mortgage and the potential cost saving of a variable-rate mortgage should interest rates fall.

For example: John's total mortgage amount is $600,000. He can choose to split his terms as follows: 

example image describing a dream home purchase price and the mortgage amount

At Alterna, we're here to help you find your perfect mortgage fit. 

Benefits of a Flexi-mortgage®

Our current mortgage rates

5-yr fixed closed – high ratio

interest rate

 5-year variable closed – high ratio 

interest rate

5-yr variable

interest rate

*rates subject to change

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How to choose the best mortgage option

Consider these 8 things to help you pick a mortgage that's right for you. 

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What is a 'mortgage stress test'?

Find out if you'll be able to afford your mortgage if interest rates rise.

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Your mortgage renewal checklist

Use this checklist to review all your options when your mortgage is up for renewal.

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