Statistically, women outlive men, which necessitates a well-thought-out financial plan to support them for a longer duration including planning for now, retirement, and wealth transfer to the next generation. At Alterna Wealth we are committed to helping women secure their financial future through expert advice, enabling them to embrace the opportunities that await with knowledge and inspiration.

Over the past decade, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of responsible investing in today’s financial landscape. In an era where profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive, it has become increasingly vital to partner with a specialist who can help you navigate the complex world of investments while staying true to your ethics and values.

Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) can be a great source of retirement income for many Canadians. However, managing them effectively is important to ensure a comfortable retirement. 
We understand that minimizing the tax burden of RRIF withdrawals is essential for many retirees.

Start early to leverage the power of compounding

The sooner you make it a priority to invest for your retirement goals, the better.

There’s a scene in Doc Hollywood where Michael J. Fox, the fresh med school grad, is readying to airlift a young patient out of the small town for emergency heart surgery. Just before liftoff, the aging local doctor shows up and hands the boy a can of pop – Sip, burp, everybody go home.

Inflation in Canada and in the U.S. remains muted, and interest rates remain near historical lows. Still, inflation can bite fixed-income investors.