Small Business

Rohit Mehta is not your ordinary entrepreneur; he has a deep-rooted desire to empower nonprofits and charities to create lasting impact in their communities. He firmly believes that these organizations drive positive change, tackling social issues head-on and transforming lives.

Jennifer Winter is the founder and creator of Have a Nice Day Pilates, Toronto's first Black-owned pilates studio and on-demand movement platform.

Khadijat Animashaun is the President and founder of Maximum Clean Canada Inc. a service providing hassle-free cleaning for the retail, commercial and residential markets in Hamilton, through highly trained, vetted and insured cleaning staff.

Tony Colley spent the first 16 years of his professional life working as a commercial portfolio manager for two major Canadian financial institutions. 

Jay Field is the founder and Principal of Tamarack West Outdoor School, an independent elementary school offering programming for students from Junior Kindergarten through grade 8, located in Toronto, Ontario.

Lee Galley is the owner of The Market, a small independent grocery store in Lakefield, Ontario, that features fresh local producers and brands.