Meet Dionne Jadionn, A Mother on a Mission to Transform Skincare
By Alterna Team
October 02, 2023

In the world of skincare, there’s a remarkable story that shines as brightly as healthy, radiant skin.  Dionne Jadionn, a dedicated mother with an unwavering passion for clean skincare, embarked on a transformative journey that paved the way for the birth of Jadionn Organic Skincare. What started as a personal hobby of concocting skincare wonders for friends and family blossomed into a thriving business in 2021, thanks to Dionne’s years of meticulous research and deep online education.

Jadionn Organic Skincare isn’t just another brand; it’s a beacon of authenticity in an industry often clouded by confusion. At its core, Jadionn Organic Skincare is on a mission to make genuinely natural and organic skincare products accessible to everyone. With a commitment to purity and affordability, the brand rises above the rest by leaving out paraben, sulfates, harmful colourants, mineral oils, petroleum, and other toxic cosmetic ingredients from its formulations.

But what truly sets Jadionn apart is the heart and soul it poured into its products.  Each ingredient is carefully curated and chosen for its extraordinary healing and enhancing properties. This brand takes pride in its hands-on approach, crafting every product in small, loving batches, to preserve the nutritional value and potency of the ingredients. This labour of love results in skincare products that are more than just creams and serums – they’re a testament to authenticity. 

Since January 2022, Jadionn Organic Skincare proudly stands as a member of Alterna Savings – an alliance forged from a deep dedication to members.  Dionne herself sings the praises for Alterna’s hands-on approach, with monthly pulse checks, enlightening business webinars, and exclusive email offerings demonstrate genuine care, “For fellow business owners seeking unwavering support and guidance on their entrepreneurial path, I wholeheartedly recommend Alterna,’ says Dionne.

Dionne is more than a skincare enthusiast turned entrepreneur; she’s the driving force behind Jadionn Organic Skincare. A mother with an unrelenting passion for clean, organic skincare, she champions authenticity at every step. Her brand is more than skin deep; it symbolizes purity, affordability, and holistic well-being. “Through dedication, innovation, and a partnership with Alterna, I am thrilled to keep advocating for natural skincare and leave a positive imprint on the beauty industry.”

In the skincare world, Dionne Jadionn’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, authenticity, and the unwavering pursuit of healthier, more radiant skin.