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Advice for Life Spring 2024 Newsletter
By Alterna Team
March 26, 2024
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Canadian real estate prices continue to show strength, and interest rates are on the rise – which means that the cost of owning your own home keeps rising, too. If you’re trying to save up for a home purchase, it can seem an insurmountable goal. But there are some accounts and tax breaks that are designed to help.

Amid headlines about interest rates, inflation, and possible economic recession, there is often discussion about stocks heading into “bear market” territory.

Spring is finally here, which means the “homebuying season” is underway. With the global pandemic, soaring inflation, rising interest rates and the threat of recession, it’s been a tough few years for prospective homebuyers.

Understanding the factors that contribute to a good credit score and why it is essential is paramount for financial well-being.

You want to ensure your financial future, right? If you’re looking for ways to grow your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), we have ten great tips below that can help.

When we envision entrepreneurship, we often picture the inception of a business, the challenges of navigating market dynamics, and the potential for financial gain. However, for women, entrepreneurship represents much more – it’s a pathway to breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and inspiring inclusion.