Virtual Silent Auction

August 23 - 30

We are proud to announce we raised $55,000 for Candlelighters this year!

About our Auction

As you know, physical distancing restrictions mean many events in 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled or postponed. Through these times, the challenges of dealing with the effects of childhood cancer remain. As a long-time supporter Alterna is committed to wrapping our arms around Candlelighters during these extraordinary times. To make sure our support continues, we have decided to host a week-long virtual auction fundraiser from August 23th – August 30th 2021.

We have a wide array of exciting items to bid on this summer in order to continue our support. Just last year, we raised over $120,000 for this great cause. With your support, this year we hope to raise even more for the Candlelighters. All proceeds from this year’s event will be raised for their e-Reader and CyberKids Program.

About Candlelighters eReader Program

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs is a local, not-for-profit organization that exists to enrich the lives of children and families coping with childhood cancer in the national capital and surrounding region. Through the provisions of Family Support, Financial Support, Education Support and Survivor Support, Candlelighters programs make a real and tangible difference in the life of these families.Thanks to your generous support, Candlelighters has supported over 150 families through the E-Reader and CyberKids Program since their inception.
    Candlelighters E-Reader Program, a core program within Education Support, provides both children with cancer and their parents a quick, easily transportable means to access resources related to their cancer diagnosis and also provide a positive way to occupy themselves throughout treatments and recovery.
      The CyberKids program provides an iPad to all newly diagnosed children. Not only does it keep the entire family connected to friends and family, the youngest cancer patients use iPads to enhance early learning opportunities. School-aged children benefit greatly from the various learning apps. Not only do these devices help these children keep up academically, they often provide much needed distraction while going through medical procedures and treatment.