CHIP Chequing Account

Housing co-operatives that are members of their local cooperative housing federation and non-profit housing providers that are members of ONPHA, are eligible for the CHIP Chequing account.

Features and benefits for account holders include:

Daily Interest Chequing Operating Account

Earn a great rate on your money. CHIP accounts pay a 0.05% bonus over our already competitive Business Investment Savings Account rate. Where else can you earn an exceptional return on a chequing account?

Reduced Service Fees

Save money with low service fees and lots of free services.

Monthly fee no charge
In branch deposits and transfers no charge
Chargebacks no charge
Monthly statement no charge
Cheque clearing $0.45
Pre-authorized credits $0.25
Pre-authorized debits $0.45

Exclusive for CHIP Chequing Account eligible members, earn a bonus interest above Alterna’s regular term deposit rates. 
Note that this bonus is not eligible on promotional term deposit rates. Plus CHIP eligible members may redeem their term deposits after one year without penalty in emergency situations*

Courier Service

CHIP eligible members are entitled to one free courier pick-up per month per member. Use this service to make your first-of-month deposit easier. If your office is situated outside of the downtown area, or otherwise at a distance from an Alterna branch, two free pick-ups per month are available. Fees will apply if a member exceeds the number of courier pick-ups included in their package in any given month.

To find out more, please contact:

Nalisha Jagroop Toronto, Ontario
Community Account Specialist
416.213.7900 ext.7694
613.560.0150 ext.7694
* Some exceptions may apply. Only available in Ontario.