Commercial Services

In today’s fast-paced and complex environment, you deserve a financial institution that’s not only supportive, but a true partner to your business. At Alterna, we can help. Our expert team of business professionals has the skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with personalized financing solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality service responsive to your business’ unique needs. Our experts are here to help your business grow.

Alterna is a market leader in providing commercial real estate financing solutions.  Our team specializes in a wide range of commercial mortgages available from small business owners to large institutional real estate investors, and owner operators who seek to purchase or refinance commercial properties in all major asset classes:

  • Commercial Retail, Office (including medical, professional) and Industrial;
  • Mixed-use (Storefront);
  • Multi-Unit Residential (5+ units);
  • Special Purpose (selectively retirement housing,  student housing, condominium corporations, self-storage)

Alterna also provides cost to complete construction loans for low, mid and high-rise condominium projects, single or multi-tenant commercial buildings such as retail strip plazas, industrial condominiums and commercial office towers.

Our team will provide a fully customized solution to our members’ needs.

  • Purchases and refinances
  • Up to 70% (75% for Multi-Unit Residential) loan to value
  • Owner occupied, or investor owned
  • Variable and fixed rate options are available. Variable rate option (prime-based) can be converted to fixed rate option.
  • Fixed terms available from 1 to 5 years; 7 and 10 years will be considered
  • Amortization up to 20 years (25 years for Multi-Unit Residential)
  • Market competitive rates (based on Government of Canada bonds)

The property must be located in an active resale and rental market where current market rents exist for comparable properties, and where the property is readily marketable
Commercial mortgages require a current appraisal (AACI-qualified appraiser), an acceptable environmental report and a building condition assessment.
The amount of financing available is based on the property's lending value and the net operating income available to service the debt.

To support Alterna’s commitment to the Community and Non-Profit sectors, personnel resources in Ottawa and Toronto, with a sound understanding of the unique requirements of these segments, deliver industry leading products and services tailor made to this sector. We demonstrate a strong engagement to the communities we serve.

Together, we can help get you and your business where you want to be. We look forward to speaking with you. Call us today.


Ottawa Region Office

Paul Robertson
613 560-0150 ext. 6734
Account Manager
June Demers
613 560-0150 ext. 6855
Support Officer
Sal Kliebo 613 560-0150 ext. 6183
Senior Account Manager

Toronto Region Office

Kim Chow 416 213-7900 ext. 3500
Account Manager
Umair Saleem 416 213-7900 ext. 7616
Senior Account Manager
Bhavesh Chauhan 416 213-7900 ext. 7653
Account Manager
Jingo Fu 416 213-7900 ext. 7662
Account Manager
Moez Akbarali
416 213-7900 ext. 7687
Associate Account Manager 
Rafee'a Hydarali
416 213-7900 ext. 7627
Commercial Services Support Officer rafee’
Sarah Byers 416 213-7900 ext. 7682
Commercial Services Support Officer
Laura Winter
416 213-7900 ext. 7681
Commercial Services Support Officer

North Region Office

Rod Brescia 807.345.1407 ext. 2216
Senior Account Manager
Paula Cusick
807.345.1407 ext. 2209
Account Manager
Theresa Gilhooly 807 345-1407 ext. 2208
Commercial Loan Assistant

South Region Office

Shelley Byers 519.693.9936  ext. 4303
Account Manager

Commercial Credit

David Jun 416-213-7900 ext. 7615
Commercial Credit Officer