Products for Small and Medium Enterprises

Alterna is guided by our commitment to support the well-being of our members, employees and communities. We promote community economic development through micro-lending initiatives, encourage our members to be financially knowledgeable, give back through many charitable activities and continually strive to be transparent at every level of our operation.

Business Covid-19 Updates

Business Investment Savings Account

You work hard for your money, and it should work hard for you. An Alterna Business Investment Savings Account* delivers great performance, earning higher interest than a regular chequing or savings account.

Your funds are never locked in, so you can always access your funds when you need to. Plus, your investment is insured†, giving you added peace-of-mind.

Plus, a Business Investment Savings Account with Alterna is super-convenient. Make deposits, withdrawals and transfers at any Alterna branch, phone us or bank online at to transfer money to and from your other Alterna accounts anytime, anywhere. Or, once funds are transferred from your Business Investment Savings Account to your chequing account, they’re available right away for withdrawal from an ATM.

Open your Business Investment Savings Account today. Ask us how.

Business Services

Cash Management

At times during your business cycle you may have cash on hand to be used at a later date. Why not make that money work hard for you? Your Small Business Account Manager will be happy to refer you to our Financial Advisory Services group—financial experts who can help you maximize your yield on those cash funds.

Come in and talk to us about cash management solutions that will increase the financial success of your business or organization. At Alterna we want to help you make your money work hard all year round.

Card Payment Processing & EFT

Beyond using day-to-day banking services, you need to be able to offer your customers the convenience of paying with their credit or debit card. At Alterna we understand your business needs for payment acceptance, which is why we offer our small business customers the excellent services of Moneris Solutions.

Learn more about credit and debit card payment transaction processing.
*Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance, and paid monthly. Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact us for interest rate updates.