Wealth Management

At Alterna, we believe smart investors like you are a little different. You’re well aware that investing wisely can do more than boost your savings. It can change your life.

Smart investors want advice that’s attuned to their specific circumstances and expectations. They want wealth management advisors who have the expertise, the experience and the integrity to help them choose the best possible investment plan for them. At Alterna, that’s exactly what our new wealth management team provides.

Today, Alterna’s wealth management services have more to offer you than ever before. We’ve partnered with industry leader Aviso Wealth in order to bring you an outstanding level of investment services and products.  Qtrade, Credential and NEI have merged to create Aviso Wealth.  

The new company is a merger of successful organizations that each have a long history of supporting credit unions and their members to reach their financial goals.  This is a very positive change for Alterna and all of our members as this merger improves our ability to provide you with high quality advice to help you reach your financial goals, along with the very best investment products.   

For now, nothing changes in our relationship with you, or with your investments—it’s business as usual for us. The merger will be implemented gradually and we’ll keep you informed of any developments that you should know about.  

We’re as committed as ever to supporting you to reach your financial goals.

What is the Aviso Wealth Merger? 

In December of last year, our partner Qtrade Financial Group announced its intent to merge with Credential Financial and NEI to create Aviso Wealth, a Canadian leader in wealth management services. Aviso Wealth is the result of a partnership involving Desjardins Group, CUMIS and credit unions across Canada.

What does this merger mean for me?

For members, this merger will mean access to a wider, more integrated range of competitive products and services that not only address evolving financial needs but also reflect the unique values of Alterna and the Canadian cooperative movement.

How does the merger benefit Canada’s cooperative sector? 

The new company brings together key players in Canada’s cooperative sector: Desjardins Group, the Provincial Credit Union Centrals and CUMIS. This will strengthen the credit union network by putting it in a better position to meet the wealth management needs of members with the support of one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms.

Aviso Wealth will be a major, full service wealth management provider. 

The merging of these three companies will result in an even stronger organization, with greater potential for growth and innovation than each company could achieve on its own. With $50 billion in assets under administration, it will be well-positioned to compete in today’s changing market, with notable strengths in investment management, online brokerage, mutual funds, asset management, and correspondent services.

 I currently have products with Qtrade. What is going to change? 

For the time being, nothing will change; it’s business as usual for everyone. Your investments and accounts will remain the same, and you can continue to count on outstanding service from the entire Alterna and Aviso teams.

We’ll keep you informed of any future changes that could affect your accounts as they develop. Your current relationship with your wealth management professional will remain in place throughout this transition.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your Alterna/Qtrade investment professional.


Our investment professionals will bring an objective focus to your situation. Drawing on all of the financial tools and products available, they will ensure your wealth grows and is preserved throughout your lifetime. Alterna’s comprehensive wealth management services include:

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Online Investing

Whether you are new to online investing, or have been trading for a while, Qtrade Investor can help you reach your investment goals:

  • Investment choices: Build a diversified portfolio from a wide range of investments including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, GICs, and options, plus new issues/IPOs.
  • Planning and research tools: In-depth research and powerful tools to help you set goals, find and evaluate investing ideas, and review your portfolio. Qtrade gives you all the essentials, plus plenty of extras, including real-time quotes, analysts’ recommendations, market news, investment screening tools, model portfolios, technical data, and much more.
  • Convenient access: Stay connected to the markets, wherever, whenever. Invest, monitor your portfolio positions and access market information online, with Qtrade Mobile for iPhone and iPad, or with MobileWeb for Android and other mobile browsers.
  • Award-winning trading experience: Qtrade Investor’s easy-to-use and comprehensive trading platform has consistently been rated among Canada’s best by independent reviewers, including The Globe and Mail, Morningstar® and MoneySense.

Find out how Qtrade Investor can help you reach your financial goals.

Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Investor. Mutual funds, other securities and securities related financial planning services are offered through Qtrade Advisor. Qtrade Investor and Qtrade Advisor are divisions of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Mutual funds and securities related financial planning services are also offered through Qtrade Asset Management Inc., Member MFDA.