Protect yourself and your family from unforeseen life events with insurance from one of Alterna Savings trusted partners.

Insurance is a practical option that can unburden loved ones from the worry and responsibility of making payments on your purchases in the case of the unexpected.

Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty Protection Program

Members who use Alterna Savings Debit Card for an Interac Point of Sale purchase are protected with the wide range of benefits.

Credit Cards Insurance

Alterna Savings Collabria Visa Credit Cards can give you more than convenient purchasing power and great benefits like points rewards. Collabria Visa Credit Cards also provide the added benefit of insurance.

Creditor Insurance 

Creditor insurance: life, disability and loss of employment. Creditor insurance offers peace of mind. It can protect your ability to meet financial obligations in the event of your death or if you experience disability, critical illness or job loss – absolving loved ones from the responsibility of making payments in the event of a tragedy.

Mortgage Default Insurance 

Mortgage default insurance or mortgage insurance is mandatory in Canada on mortgages with a down payment between 5% and 19.99%. This insurance provides Canadians, with less than a 20% down payment, access to the Canadian real estate market.

Travel Insurance

Travelling near or far, find the insurance that fits your travel lifestyle.