Business Planner

Your Shortcut to ‘YES’

Alterna Savings offers small businesses a different kind of banking relationship:

  • We keep our financing decisions local and accountable
  • Your character, track record and business plan matter
  • We’d rather lend support than make stipulations

In short, we keep it personal because you take your business personally. So instead of pressing you into a grid full of blanks in a yea-or-nay mathematical formula, we’ll take the time to help you create a living profile of your business and financial scenario.

Our experience with businesses of all sorts has taught us the most relevant questions to ask so we can help move the financing process forward efficiently. The Alterna Savings Business Planner is a concise way to help you get a head start on a financing strategy for your business. Fill in this planner and we’ll get to ‘yes’ faster together.

Once you have completed the form, drop it off at your Alterna Savings branch or with your SME Representative. Or simply email the form to us at