Business Services

Cash Management

Flexible, secure and comprehensive cash management solutions for Alterna members.

Make sure your money is working hard for you. Our dedicated team of local experts can analyze your payables and receivables to help optimize your operating and investment funds.

Payment Processing

Build your business with Alterna Savings Merchant Payment Solutions. In partnership with Global Payments, a leading provider of payment technology, our payment solutions enable you to seamlessly accept any form of payment from anywhere at any time.

Brink's Cash-in-Transit

Streamline your cash management processes to gain back valuable time and money with Brink’s Cash-in-Transit (CIT) services.

From deposits and change funds to coin delivery and ATM cash replenishment, Brink’s service has been the safe, secure choice.

Interac e-Transfers® for Business

Whether you’re paying multiple employees, contract workers or sending high-limit transfers to vendors, businesses of any size can benefit from Interac e-Transfer®.

Send or request money in Canada or set up auto-deposit. 

Wire Transfer

If you need to send or receive money quickly and safely across the country or internationally, a wire transfer (sometimes also called a wire payment) is often the best option.

Need help? One of our representatives would be happy to help you get started.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT's) with Accept/Pay Global 

EFT's are a safe, fast and convenient way for businesses to collect and send money within Canada. Set up automated billing to streamline payments and collections while reducing operating costs and time delays.

Speak to your banker about how EFT's can grow your business.

CHIP & Community Members: Email

Small Business Members:  Contact your branch

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