Alterna is guided by our commitment to support the well-being of our members, employees and communities.

We strive to maintain healthy and sustainable communities by investing in a number of sponsorships that will benefit them. Our Sponsorship Team focuses on identifying opportunities for our communities that we serve.

Our Alterna Sponsorships

Enactus Canada is sharping generations of entrepreneurial leaders, passionate about advancing the economic, social, an environmental health of Canada.

Enactus works to rally the energy, ideas and passion of Canada’s best and brightest students who see business as a way to address social issues.  Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus Canada create and implement community empowerment projects and business ventures in communities coast-to-coast.

Alterna Savings is proud to have signed a 10-year commitment to support Enactus Canada and the students it serves across the country. 

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) is a men's professional box lacrosse league in North America. The league is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The NLL currently has fifteen teams: ten in the United States and five in Canada.

Alterna Savings is excited to have supported the National Lacrosse League’s Canadian division, and also hosted the 2023 contest to win a trip to Vegas to watch the NLL’s newest team!

The Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO) is a full-size orchestra in Ottawa, including professional, student and amateur musicians. With around 100 musicians, the OSO is Ottawa's largest orchestra, which allows it to perform large symphonic repertoire of the 19th and 20th centuries, including works by Canadian composers.

Alterna has also included the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra in our last three (3) AGM’s, where musicians kicked things off with a beautiful performance of O’Canada.

The Alterna Prize for Women Social Change Leaders has supported Ryerson University students seeking solutions to social problems since 2018. This award helps to better position women for leadership roles by rewarding individuals who have vision, creativity, determination, and are motivated by public rather than personal gain.

Annually, two prizes are awarded to women students who demonstrate social change leadership at Ryerson or within their community.

Please refer to our Sponsorship Guidelines and FAQs prior to completing your Sponsorship Form.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Alterna Savings. Please note that submitted applications will be evaluated against Alterna Savings’ Sponsorship Criteria as outlined on

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Alterna Savings Sponsorship Team. The application form will be the main decision making factor to grant or deny sponsorship support. To ensure a fair evaluation, make
sure your application is filled out completely with all the requested information.

Please note that Alterna Savings is on a secure email network and sometimes emails get tagged as spam and don’t come through to our sponsorship mailbox. If you have not received an email confirmation stating receipt of your application within 5 business days please follow up so a Committee member can confirm it has been received or request it to be resent.

All applications must be accompanied by Alterna Savings’ official application form as provided on Requests received by telephone, fax, mail, or email - without the application form attached - will not be considered.

Alterna Savings does not provide funding to the following:

  • Organizations or events not open to members of the general public

  • Events where individual ticket prices exceed $100

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, sexual
    orientation, marital status, family status, veteran status, disability or other characteristics protected by law

  • Individuals and families

  • Political, advocacy, fraternal, labor and veterans groups

  • Religious organizations, (some exceptions may be made for programs that support and are open to, the general community)

  • Fundraising Galas or events that are similar and fall into this category

  • Table purchases for an event

Make sure to identify marketing opportunities that come with your sponsorship, where you think Alterna Savings will be interested in leveraging. You can list this on pages 3 and 4 of the sponsorship application.

Please remember that Alterna Savings represents over 100,000 members in communities across Ontario and receives a great number of asks from worthy causes. Each year we examine every opportunity to identify those with the greatest impacts.

Note: The Alterna Savings Sponsorship strategy recognizes that it is important to support a wide variety of organizations, having been supported in the past by Alterna Savings does not influence the decision of the Sponsorship Team.

  1. When should I submit my applications?

    Applications must be submitted a minimum of three months before the sponsorship start date. Applications that do not adhere to this timeline will not be considered.

  2. Is there a dollar amount limitation for sponsorship support?

    No. There is no dollar limitation. However typically in the past the dollar amount of support has ranged from $100, to $5,000 with some exceptions that exceed this range.

  3. How do I apply?

    Please fill out the online application form that can be found on Email the completed form to

  4. How do I contact the Sponsorship Team? 

    You can email to follow up on the status of your application. Please note that the Team meets once a month to review requests and will need a couple of weeks before responding to inquiries.

  5. How do I know my application was received?

    Once the application has been submitted an email confirmation will be sent.

  6. When should I expect to receive a response?

    On average it takes approximately 45 days to review applications after submission. Once a decision has been finalized a response will be sent to the applicant.

  7. I faxed, mailed or emailed a query to seek sponsorship from Alterna Savings. Should I reapply? 

    We only accept submissions that have been emailed to that have the official sponsorship application form attached with it. Submissions received in any other means will not be considered.

  8. Alterna Savings has sponsored me in the past will my application have leverage over other applications?

    No. All applications are treated equally. However, if the applicant is an Alterna Savings member that is taken into consideration.

  9. Can I reapply if I have been declined in the past for funding? 

    Yes, if the funding aligns with the criteria of Health and Wellbeing.

  10. I have a local request; can I go to my home branch and apply through them? 

    All funding requests must follow the procedure outlined on and must be accompanied by the official application form which should be submitted to and not a local branch.

  11. Why was my organization declined?

    Alterna Savings receives an overwhelming amount of requests each year, as a small organization it is not always possible to respond favorably to every request.

If you have any questions or concerns about sponsorships and funding, please email

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