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Logging in to Alterna’s new online and mobile banking for the first time.

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Getting started with online and mobile banking.

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Getting started with online banking.

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Pay your corporation, GST, payroll, and other business taxes through digital banking.

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Assign delegates to add additional "non-signatory" users to your account.

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Business Banking Frequently Asked Questions

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For business members, a Login ID is assigned when you first log into the new online banking system. Enter your member number to get started with login and a new ID will be provided as part of the log in process. 

No, Signers will need to recreate them.  Delegate set up on the new platform is straightforward and can be recreated quickly. 

Yes, you can have multiple users set up on a business account with different levels of access and individual sign on credentials. 

Not initially, but a solution to this is being identified and will be deployed in the future. 

Users will have to maintain separate login IDs and passwords to access each business account until they combine their separate profiles into one. Combining their separate business profiles will allow them to have 1 set of credentials for digital banking with the option to chose the account/profile they want to access upon login. Branch staff will work with users, so they are able to maintain one set of login credentials.  

Members will be able to update their contact information by contacting the contact centre or their branch. 

Each user will now have their own unique login ID and password after logging in for the first time.

Delegates are fully managed by any of the signers or account admins on the business account. 

A Delegate’s username is created by the signer. The username cannot be one that already exists at Alterna. 

The signer will manually provide the username to the delegate. The signer can choose to use an auto-generated password or manually select one. Auto-generated passwords are directly emailed to the delegate while manually selected passwords need to be given to the delegate by the signer.  

If users have access to multiple accounts which are linked to 1 individual profile in our banking system, they can now use 1 set of credentials for all of these accounts in digital banking, with the option to choose the account/profile they want to see access to upon login. 

Business specific functionality can now be found under the Contract data and Operations tab. 

Signers and admins can now update their personal information via online banking. This is an updated feature on the new platform. 

On the new platform the signers will still need to approve/complete all financial transactions. The only exception is that Account Admins and initiator delegates can now send a request money transfer without requiring approval of a signer; however, they will require approval(s) to fulfill a request money transaction

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