Student Line of Credit

Buy more pizza or books… it’s your choice!

The Student Line of Credit gives you an easy solution to cover expenses such as tuition, books, and living expenses so you can focus on school.


  • Money, money, money - access up to $10,000 per year, up to a maximum of $40,000 over four years of study.*
  • Interest-only payments - you can make interest-only payments while in school and up to one year after graduation.
  • Convenient Access – access your funds through your student debit card, online and on mobile.
  • Competitive interest rates – we have some of the best interest rates in the market.
  • No need to reapply - you’ll be able to re-draw the funds as you pay down your balance without having to re-qualify or get your credit pulled again.


  • Currently attending full or part-time post-secondary school in an accredited Canadian university or college.

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What you’ll need to bring

  • Most Student Line of Credit Applications require a co-signer
  • Proof of enrolment
  • Your annual income
  • Your monthly payments (rent, loans, credit cards, cars, etc.)
  • Social Insurance Number

Alterna Savings Collabria Visa Student Credit Card

No Fee Student Chequing Account

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* Approval and credit limit are Subject to Alterna’s credit approval criteria.