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Business Credit

Whatever the credit needs of your business, Alterna Savings offers a full range of solutions.

Get competitive rates and terms to fit all your business financing needs, from commercial loans to lines of credit. We also offer three business credit card options to handle all your company purchases.


An Alterna Savings mortgage can help when your needs outgrow your surroundings. With competitive rates and payment terms, there’s sure to be a perfect match for you and your business.

We also specialize in Commercial Mortgages and financing real estate investment purchases.

Open, closed, fixed, variable – talk to us today about our mortgages and the options available to you.

Financing Options


Manage your cash flow for equipment purchases, business expansion or working capital need with our commercial term loans. Choose from a variety of competitive terms and options.

Lines of Credit

Maximize your purchasing power with a line of credit that offers you the flexibility to preserve cash flow and fund operating activities such as receivables, inventory and seasonal requirements. Select from a broad array of secured or unsecured options.

Letters of Credit

A Letter of Credit is a commitment to guarantee a credit advance over a one-year period. It can be a valuable tool for business owners requiring significant cash flow for an extended period, such as for a large construction project or to use as a security deposit.

Community Microfinance Program

Do you have a business idea but have had difficulty securing credit? At Alterna, we recognize that for many Ontarians, particularly women, youth and newcomers to Canada, securing credit can be a major roadblock to starting a business. Find out how the Alterna Community Microfinance Program may be able to help.

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