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Advice for Life Winter Newsletter
By Alterna Team
January 15, 2024

Fireplaces are a treat to have in the colder months, but they do need some maintenance to keep them safe and prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other areas of your home.

Preparing your home for a long, cold winter is something every homeowner should consider before the season really takes hold.

What started as a part-time venture in 2017 has blossomed into a thriving salon and spa that stands as a testament to resilience, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to community.

In the heart of Toronto, where culinary creativity meets community spirit, a small-batch sauce and marinade producer is making waves – MC's Food Shoppe.

In recent times, microfinance has evolved into a powerful instrument for fostering Community Economic Development, particularly among socially underserved groups such as women, BIPOC, new immigrants, racialized Canadians, and low-income individuals.

Estate planning is a legal process for the distribution of a deceased person’s assets. It allows you to create a formal strategy that helps safeguard your assets and transfer them in an orderly, tax-efficient manner to beneficiaries.