Responsible Investing

NEI Investments is Canada’s leading provider of Responsible Investment (RI) solutions.

NEI’s goal is to make a positive difference – for investors, partners and society. To do this, they have built Canada’s most diversified range of RI solutions – top performing, actively managed funds advised by the world’s leading institutional money managers, many RI leaders themselves, and overseen by NEI’s proprietary Investment Management, Asset Allocation and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) teams.

Responsible Investing

NEI’s full range of RI solutions cover all major asset classes, investment styles and geographic regions. A variety of RI approaches are applied selectively by NEI’s proprietary ESG team across NEI’s lineup of funds and portfolios, with solutions that carry the Responsible Screen (RS) designation automatically excluding investments in select categories and industries.

SRI invests in mainstream, multinational companies based on their financial performance and ESG factors. It's more than screening for "good and bad" companies. It's actively working with them to improve their standing. RI Helps Protect Wealth by addressing ESG risks before they become costly catastrophes.

We focus on the long term - We work with all sectors and prioritize ESG risks to ensure that companies respect human rights, safety, and fair compensation.

We make change happen - We are one of the only fund companies who engage in in-depth dialogue to influence and affect change on ESG issues.

Canada’s RI Leader for over 30 years - We have the largest team of ESG analysts in Canada

We perform - Leading RI funds in Canada can, and do, outperform conventional funds and their benchmarks over the long term.

It's Right for You

  • It's among the world's fastest growing investment categories
  • It's a forward-focused way to invest
  • It's an extra layer of risk protection
  • It makes change in the world, and financial sense

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