February is Black History Month, learn more about how we empower and engage with the Black community to drive positive change

Alterna is proud to work alongside Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities to address socio-economic inequity, build wealth, positively impact individuals and businesses, and create tools and solutions to help address the economic gaps the Black community faces.


Alterna's award-winning Community Microfinance Program has been working to address socioeconomic inequities by creating opportunities for financial independence for over 20 years. The program aims to break down barriers to financial services for those often excluded from traditional funding.

For further information on our Microloans, including Loan Amounts, Qualifications, and Requirements, please click here or book an appointment

Black entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and women entrepreneurs who have received up to $25,000 in funding through Alterna's Community Microfinance program have the opportunity to double this amount with BDC, for a potential total of $50,000.

For more information, please click here or contact microfinance@alterna.ca.

Alterna partners with FACE and the Federal Government on the Black Entrepreneurship Micro-loan program, which provides loans between $10,000 - $25,000 to Black entrepreneurs. For more information on this fund, please click here.

FACE is a national and bilingual, Black-led non-profit organization focused on providing resources and information to the Black community across Canada to accelerate wealth creation for Canadians of African descent.


ACBN was created to provide resources for Black business owners to build sustainable and successful businesses.

Partners since 2020, Alterna supports ACBN's innovative MicroLoan Fund, which provides loans for Black entrepreneurs and Business owners who are not able to access funding through traditional banks. For more information, visit ACBN.

Financial Education

Alterna's Community Financial Education Program provides inclusive financial literacy programs to support the needs of underserved and underrepresented individuals, organizations, and communities.

Through our Financial Education Program we presented workshops alongside Black -led organizations such as those outlined below.

• Black Daddies Club
• Toronto Community Benefits Network - Community Benefits/NexGen cohorts
• Ajax Public Library
• FedDEV Black Entrepreneurship Conference hosted at York University
• Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association
• Afro-Caribbean Business Network's Black Entrepreneurship Conference
• Black Business Professional Association – 'Ask A Professional' Series
• Jane & Finch Community Economic Small BIZ Workshop
• Black Daddies Un-Conference at Tim Hortons Campus

If you are interested in further information or to book a presentation for your organization, please contact communityfinancialeducation@alterna.ca.


Member Spotlight: Jennifer Winter, Have a Nice Day Pilates
Member Spotlight: Khadijat Animashaun, Maximum Clean Canada Inc.


At Alterna, leadership means an ongoing commitment to equity in all business areas. We continue to look for new ways to work with communities, organizations and all levels of government on strategies to improve inclusive access to financing, build wealth, and alleviate poverty in underserved communities.

We recognize that more needs to be done. Beyond offering lending products and advice, Alterna invests in wrap-around support in the Black community by helping to develop the essential tools, such as the Business Essential Tools Workshop Program that supports BIPOC entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses.

We are committed to continuing to seek out opportunities to work with the communities we serve to develop flexible financial tools to assist with financial education, housing, lending, and investment opportunities for racialized and underserved individuals.

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