Black History Month Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jennifer Winter
By Alterna Team
February 01, 2023

Jennifer Winter is the founder and creator of Have a Nice Day Pilates, Toronto's first Black-owned pilates studio and on-demand movement platform. With over 10+ years in the pilates industry, she is committed to building a movement space that reinforces diversity and strives to set the standard for an inclusive and supportive community. The blueprint of Pilates has taught Jennifer that less is more and that mind-body connection will give you superpowers. Jennifer has worked with Adidas, The Bay, Knix, has been seen on Breakfast Television, Toronto Life, Toronto Star and is currently an ambassador for Lululemon.

"We have a very unique and impactful story at Have a Nice Day Pilates," says Jennifer. "Spreading the word of our business is crucial. Our (Alterna microfinance) loan allowed us to beef up our marketing and social presence. We were also able to continue building our web app, and we currently reached over 200 monthly subscribers, and that number continues to grow."

When asked if she would recommend Alterna's Community Microfinance program to other entrepreneurs, Jennifer replied, "I have already."  She adds, " Applying for a loan generally is really stressful, and there's a lot of doubt. The process (with Alterna) was pretty straightforward, and I felt supported. Jean Barrett ( Manager, Community Microfinance at Alterna) went above and beyond and really helped me through the process."

Jennifer celebrates Black History Month 365 days a year. During February, she makes an effort to rest, take care of herself and her family and celebrate Black futures. This year, she's holding an event called Black Rest - an afternoon of ease and healing. The event includes a restorative pilates class led by Jennifer as well as education around racial trauma, how it plays into shame and perfectionism, and breathing exercises by Psychotherapist Chantée Daradain.