Black History Month Entrepreneur Spotlight: Toju Ogbeide, Founder and CEO Goodszilla
By Alterna Team
February 01, 2022

Toju Ogbeide knew from an early age that he wanted to help people. He uses education and experience in Information and technology to build technical solutions to everyday problems. In 2019, Toju founded Goodszilla, an online second-hand marketplace that allows users to buy and sell goods and services and donate all or part of the proceeds to a Canadian charity or non-profit of their choice. They also allow charities to run online auctions through their site and set up virtual charity shops. In 2022 Goodszilla plans to launch a donation app for Shopify stores, empowering these online shops to drive donations to featured charities.

Toju connected with Alterna’s Microfinance program through the Parkdale Centre for Innovation in Toronto and credits the program for “providing a much-needed uplift” for the Goodszilla. “It helped us cover the upfront cost of hiring paid interns, which was then reimbursed by a program via Technations Canada. It also contributed to some of the development costs for our mobile app.”

To honour Black History Month, the team at Goodszilla plans to celebrate the accomplishments and success of Black Entrepreneurs, like Toju himself! They also plan to highlight Black founders of the social impact space and Black-led charities in the community.