Meet Rohit Mehta - Nonprofit Leader & Alterna Member
By Alterna Team
June 12, 2023

Rohit Mehta is not your ordinary entrepreneur; he has a deep-rooted desire to empower nonprofits and charities to create lasting impact in their communities. He firmly believes that these organizations drive positive change, tackling social issues head-on and transforming lives. However, one formidable challenge consistently stands in their way: funding.

In 2019, Rohit took a courageous leap and founded DoGood Fundraising, an organization specializing in grant writing, funder research, and professional development training for the nonprofit and charitable sector.  He knew that, like the organizations he wanted to serve, turning his vision into a reality would require additional financing and access to capital, which proved daunting. But fate intervened when Rohit crossed paths with Alterna Savings.

Having previously collaborated with Alterna in the nonprofit and community space, particularly in social enterprise development, Rohit saw an opportunity to advance his aspirations. In 2019, he decided to apply for a micro loan through Alterna’s Community Microfinance Program, hoping it would provide the boost he needed. It did.

Rohit reminisces, “Alterna believed in me and the impact I aimed to create. They provided incredible support that kickstarted DoGood Fundraising and set me on an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey.”

As DoGood Fundraising grew, so did its relationship with Alterna. Rohit chose Alterna as his trusted full-service financial institution, and together, they forged ahead. But just as things were progressing smoothly, the world was hit by an unprecedented crisis: the pandemic of 2020. The once-thriving landscape became riddled with challenges, and DoGood Fundraising was not immune. However, Alterna stood by their side amidst the chaos, ready to lend a helping hand.

With an unwavering commitment, Alterna restructured the existing Microfinance loan, ensuring DoGood Fundraising had the financial lifeline necessary to weather the storm. Rohit expressed his gratitude, “While the pandemic presented countless obstacles, securing financing was not one of them, thanks to Alterna.”

To date, DoGood Fundraising has managed to raise close to $8 million for charities and nonprofits through its social enterprise initiatives, making a significant impact on the community. DoGood Fundraising’s influence has extended beyond its Mississauga roots, with inquiries pouring in from across Canada. 

Understanding the struggles nonprofits and charities faced during the pandemic and their ongoing journey to recovery, DoGood Fundraising and Alterna share a common goal: to witness these organizations thrive and create a better society for all. Grants are merely the beginning; true success lies in the lasting impact on communities and local economic development. Bolstering the capacity and resiliency of nonprofits and charities is essential for their success. That is why DoGood Fundraising and Alterna are offering workshops on grant writing and diversification, empowering these organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to flourish.

Join Alterna Savings and DoGood Fundraising in their upcoming workshops tailored exclusively for nonprofit members and community partners. These sessions promise to provide invaluable insights and practical guidance to help organizations secure the funding they need. For more information, reach out to Let us ignite change together and forge a stronger, more vibrant society for all.